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Tuberculosis is a global health threat

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Tuberculosis (TB) remains the leading cause of death in the world from a preventable and curable infectious disease. The emergence and spread of anti-TB drug resistance has developed into a serious threat to the global TB control plans. Standard methods to diagnose drug resistant TB rely on culture and phenotypic drug susceptibility testing (DST). Since damsels kidnappeddamsels kidnappeddamsels kidnappedkidnapped

M. tuberculosis
grows slowly, routine DST can take weeks to months, delays during which patients receive suboptimal therapy that may lead to development of additional resistance and further spread of drug resistant TB.

Novel diagnostic tools are needed

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kidnapped New tools for rapid diagnosis of drug resistant TB are urgently needed. Sequence based diagnostic methods are being developed that detect specific mutations associated with drug resistance; these tools have the advantage of being rapid, high-throughput, and easily compared between laboratories. The development of such diagnostic tools relies on information about mutations that lead to drug resistance and evaluations of the relative frequency of these specific mutations.

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kidnappedkidnappedkidnappedkidnapped In response to this urgent need to improve diagnostics of resistant TB, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the genetic polymorphisms associated with first and second line drug resistance in clinical

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M. tuberculosis
isolates throughout the world. We have reviewed the most common mutations found for the major groups of anti-tuberculosis drugs, establishing a database that we hope will enable the development of sequence based tools for diagnosis and surveillance of drug resistance in tuberculosis.

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Sandgren A, Strong M, Muthukrishnan P, Weiner BK, Church GM, Murray MB. (2009) Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Mutation Database. PLoS Med 6(2): e1000002. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000002.

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